Hemphill County

Gun Drawing Tickets Available
52 Guns given away one a gun each week.

$100 ticket:

$5 goes back to the 4-H kid for every ticket he/she sells.  After 10 tickets, $10 goes back for every tickets sold.

Remaining funds go to support Hemphill County 4-H projects including: shooting sports, food show & food challenge, livestock projects, clothing & textile projects, public speaking events,and most of all to support scholarships for our seniors.

Number of Tickets



Paige Perry


Hemphill County is located in the northeastern part of the Texas Panhandle, dissected by the Canadian River and Washita River watersheds. The terrain is rolling, and mostly rangeland, with cropland located where soils are deeper and more fertile.

The area is rich in history, from the time native Indians roamed to early day ranching. Natural gas exploration and production has brought new wealth and changes to the economy, since the railroad pulled out many families in the 1950’s.

Canadian is the only incorporated town, with a population of about 3000 people. Our school is modern with a high academic status.

Nature Tourism is becoming a major economic growth area, with several ranches looking at possibilities for expanding into this enterprise.

Artists and photographers have also found the Eastern Panhandle region to be full of wildlife and scenic backgrounds.

In addition, Hemphill County remains a proud supporter of our Canadian 4-H program, which offers educational and leadership opportunities in livestock, horse, meat science, food & nutrition, consumer decision making, shooting sports, companion animal and share-the-fun.